Walking the riding

Discover over 250 interesting routes passing through the towns, nature reserves, coastal villages and rolling hills of East Yorkshire.

Please note: the downloadable maps for some walks may be incomplete

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Can I create my own walk?

You can use the Public Rights of Way interactive Map to see all available walking routes and plan your own walk. Remember to check the weather and wear appropriate clothing for the terrain.

Use the PROW map

Problem with a Public Right of Way? Have you found damage to a path or signage on a Public Right of Way? Please report it online to East Riding of Yorkshire Council on eastriding.gov.uk

Why has the Walking the Riding website changed?

In July 2023 we moved Walking the Riding to a new web platform within the East Riding Coast and Countryside website. The new directory is faster and provides a better experience across desktop and mobile devices which was not possible with the former platform. We are working to develop the website further over the coming months. Thank you for your patience. Use our online form to submit website feedback or report an issue.